Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My wonderful interview with Mireya the art designer

This is my 12th interview! Guess who we interveiwed? Her name is Mireya! She went to a school called The Art Center College Of Desgin. She got her degree in fine arts. She is a Graphic Designer. She lives in New York. There are two parts to her job design and business. Her home is her business in Brooklyn, New York. She likes to use paper instead of a computer, but she likes to use a computer if she needs to. Her first degree was pre law her second degree was graphic design. She thinks you will be interested in many different things when you are older.  For example I want to become a artist and my friend wants to be a dance teacher. When we interview people it is fun learning about there job. She designs plans and other things like a baseball stadium. She wanted to be a lawyer but then she wanted to be a graphic designer. Write to you next time. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

My interview with Chris the creator of Educreations

      Chris went to University of California at Berkeley. He got his degree in computer science. Now he works at Educreations. He is co-founder of Educreations. Chris is interested in education partially because some members of his family were teachers. His idea for Educreations started while he worked at a computer company and he, and his friend wanted to do something more interesting. His teacher Mr. Peach inspired him to make things. Computer programming is like another language and is helps you learn faster. You have to learn computer codes to create a app, and codes are another language like Spanish or French. A lot of math is in computer programming. He is planning on adding a save button so then you can go back and start where you last left off. Educreations is a place where anyone can create videos teachers and students.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My amazing interview with Jackie

This week we interviewed Jackie with We've Got Our i's On Careers.  Jackie went to University of South Carolina and got her degree in journalism. Scott was her inspiration to become a journalist. That is how she got her career as Associate Director Of Student Media at Clemson University. Part of her job is to critique the students work in the newspaper. She said if you post something wrong about that person they can sue you. Her advice for her students was to reread their work and ask themselves how do they know it. Jackie said if you publish something that is incorrect it is hard to get it back.  She has had four people check over her work before she published it. She said sometimes your first idea is not your best idea. I agree that your first idea is not always your best idea. She likes working with college kids because they are fun and interesting. They are also fun because they are still learning and growing. They are also learning about themselves and the world. I think everybody should review there work,because it is very important to check your work before you turn it in.That is all I have to write to you about.

My interview with the best pharmacist ever Samantha

          This week Samantha came to our room for "We've Got Our i's On Careers" project.
Samantha works as a pharmacist at St.Mary's Hospital in Decatur Illinois. Her job is like a safety officer. Nurses and doctors call her and she picks the right and safe medicine. So the patients become healthy again. I learned that she needs to remember to stay calm so she doesn't make mistakes. Now I know to stay calm and do not make mistakes. Also it is okay if you do make a mistake. She went to SIUE which stands for Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. This is very important this the degree that you have to earn to become a graduate of pharmacy. She earned a Doctor of Pharmacy which is a graduate degree. Now I know about Samanthas work and what she works in.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elizabeth the best fashion designer

 Hi this is my 7 th blog. I hope you like it.
Elizabeth was shy in elementary school. When she was little she used to play soacor. Once she had no friends. Once she got older she got in to Christian cota she was so exited she knocked over a table. A lot of people want to talk to her now. She had a paid and unpaid internship.She now works celebrity's . She made a dress for Selena Gomez. She also works for big people like Justin Bieber. She wants to learn even more. Her orientation was on Wednesday. She fixes dresses if they get ruined. She also works in public relations. She was inspired by everything. She works with a team. It has five people in it. She likes jokes. She says to work as a team. She helps Christian with his dresses. She tells her team what to do. Sometimes she has to video  chat with her boss. She loves to read about dogs.  Write to you next time bye.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Myron Myron Myron

Hi my name is Destiny. I interviewed Myron. He was born in Flint Michigan.When he was young he made buildings out of Legos and pop tart boxes. He moved to New York City in the fall of 2008.He owns two  businesses one is fitness and the other one is construction management.Myron went to MSU that means Michigan State University. In college he did not want to watch his little sister in 
college. One big advice he said was to follow your heart.write to you next time bye.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My fantastic interview with Leigh

Hi this is Destiny writing about my sixth blog post and it is a part of we've got our i's on careers.
Leigh told us that it is okay to change your mind. She lives in North Carolina, Charlotte and she works for RE/MAX. This is a interesting fact about her she is a real estate broker in North Carolina. Did you know that she does not like to be bossed around.  When she was a teenager she got to drive a tractor when she live a farm. She got her degree in business administration. Her first job was with managing money. Then she worked with people who did not know how to work a lawn mower or other lawn equipment. She told us that she quit her first job when she moved to New York. Leigh also had a job in college to pay off her debt. Instead of her graduating in 4 years she graduated in 3 years. Here is some advice from me the sky is your limit do what you want do not do what other people want you to do. Have a great day. Write to all of you next time.